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  • We teach a method of Musical Composition using a scientific approach to composition which is rooted in Rhythm. 

  • These roots are the basis to all aspect of music melody, harmony, arranging. 

  • This system brings logic to music theory that has been missing for generations. 

  • Our system is written to work within your audio digital workstation. 

  • To proceed with our course you need a basic understanding of mathematics. You must be able to read and write music.

  • What you DO NOT need to purchase is the large 2 volumes of the Schillinger System. All our courses are self contained and you need to purchase nothing more

We are teaching our students a fresh and unique form of music theory.  Our music composition courses encourages writing that is creative and accelerated. These were the goals that Joseph Schillinger wanted from his System of Musical Composition. We have resurrected his original works and teach the authentic Schillinger System.


If you are looking for a way to accelerate your writing, gain that edge then the Schillinger System is for you. Click on the FREE LESSON, listen to a few recorded lectures and join a great group of musicians, composers and orchestrator that use the system daily in their work. Our online courses are completely online with nothing further to purchase. This system fits in seamlessly into your Digital Audio Workstation. It was as if Schillinger wrote for the computer before the electronic music genre existed. See what he can do for you!

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We offer three ways to study: 

Traditional Courses              Private Lessons with Philip DiTullio            Techniques:6 week courses


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