Who was Joseph Schillinger

Schillinger System of Musical Composition

Schillinger developed the Schillinger System of Musical Composition to answer a need. In the mid 20th century,  music was performed live on radio, live in theater, and live at the movies. Music needed to be written fast and performed immediately. The Schillinger  System of  Music Composition solved these issues.

Joseph Schillinger

Joseph Schillinger was a man before his time. He was a musician, a scholar, and an innovator. His life was a mere 47 years but the body of work he completed was enough to fill three lifetimes. He developed the Schillinger System of Musical Composition.

Schillinger Society 1950

Mrs. Francis Schillinger established the original Schillinger Society. Her purpose of the society was to keep her husband’s work alive. She tried to accomplish this by developing a society in his honor.

Schillinger Society 2005

Our research traced  Schillinger’s musical career to his beginnings in Russia. Our exploration led us down paths of lawsuits, family fights, and in the end questions of espionage with the former KGB. A world that had open to us that was not only interesting but compelling and in the middle of the research, we found The Schillinger System of Music composition. Resurrecting this masterpiece would be a monumental task but it had to be done for the next generation of composers.

Our Courses

The Practical Schillinger School of Music teaches the Schillinger System in three ways: Six-week techniques,  Privately with Philip DiTullio and Traditional courses that are the original courses that Joseph Schillinger developed. All of our courses have been written to accommodate the Digital Audio Workstation. These techniques and courses apply to all genres of music.

The synthesizer is making a resurgence understand the Schillinger connection. Finally,  how Charles Stepney’s miniMoog became part of the Schillinger collection, Electronic Music with Schillinger



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