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  • Christopher Paul
    4 weeks ago

    Ok here's an interesting thing I came across and signed up for (for free). I'm not sure how it works exactly, but I mean to employ my knowledge of the Schillinger System into this course. Granted I won't be able to do that directly, in other words I'll need to respell what I did in traditional terms. Anyway, looks to be a fun challenge.

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    Christopher Paul Course is going rather well, it's a theory course based on a specific (classical) time period. There are rules imposed in regards to voice leading (and that's as far as I got so far in week 2), but to me (as a Schillinger practitioner), I recognize these rules as limitations, and these limitations are helping me narrow down the possibilities of what I'd need to do in order to compose in this specific style. I'm having a great time, and am also able to relate to the course material in Schillinger terms.
    7 days ago
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    Here is the xls

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    3 months ago

    Phil DiTullio Nice view!
    3 months ago 1
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    3 months ago

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  • Ray Santisi RIP
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  • Christopher Paul shared a photo.
    3 months ago

    Ladybug landed on my window today and the screen looked like graph paper so I did this for fun (with the help of some permutations).

    Phil DiTullio Now we are talking!! Awesome!!
    3 months ago 1
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  • takeflight created a new topic ' Hi, you can call me David!' in the forum.

    Hi, I realize this probably isn't the forum for this, but I just wanted to say hello! I got interested in the Schillinger System several years ago, but I just now ordered the books, Volume I and II. From what I hear, they're pretty dense, so I thought I'd join the society to have a community to share with and learn from as I start this endeavor.

    Several years ago, I started taking a free class on Thursdays for the Schillinger System, but I ended up having to work Thursdays. Anyways, now I'm studying music full time as a pianist, composer, and violinist at Berklee College of Music Online. We just started to get to the part in my Music Business 101 class about the founding of Berklee College of Music, originally called the Schillinger House. Anyways, it looks like this forum isn't wildly active, but I see there are some people that come on here from time to time. Looking forward to meeting you!

  • takeflight replied to the topic 'Let's start this list.' in the forum.

    Hi, I'm new to this you may have noticed.
    I thought I'd add to the list Lawrence Berk.

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  • Phil DiTullio
    4 months ago

    Music Ube Theory Home Page of Schell Barkley, Music Educator and Author


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