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5 Steps to Write Music Quickly Using the Schillinger System

From Concept to Conception

Why waste time waiting for inspiration? The Schillinger System can cut down your music composition time by creating all the possibilities for use to choose from. I will give you the 5 steps that will get you to the final product fast.

These five steps will help you write music quickly and efficiently.

Step 1

Music Composition Eyeglasses

Write Everyday

I think many artists and composers have the idea that we are struck by a muse. Songs come to us in a dream. Well… the work of a composer is like any other job. It takes time and effort to hone your skills. You should set up your day as any other 9-5. Many composers like John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL speak of writing every day.

Step 2

Compose with a Purpose

“Begin with the end in mind”

                                       Stephen Covey

Write down the purpose to each piece you compose. The purpose or feeling may be a video you have watched, a picture that has moved you in a certain way, or write in words what you would like to portray. A teacher of mine would write at least 4 pages of a scene and he would include pictures

Expressing your compositions purpose before you start will make the process much quicker.

Step 3

Choose your style!

Set up your workstations with the time signature, Key, and map out your verses and chorus with markers.

Step 4

Instrument Design (Sound Design)

Take the time before you start composing to choose your instruments and design your sounds. For me, this has been a true momentum buster. I would spend so much time creating each sound while I was writing that my original ideas changed by the minute.

Step 5

Compose Compose Compose!!!

Now that all of that is chosen all that is left is your creative genius. When these few basic decisions are made the rest is composing.

It all comes back to Step 1.

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