Happy Birthday! Joseph Schillinger 121 Years

Joe playing theremin

September 1, 1895 the birth of Joseph Schillinger. As we recently read in this blog that there is great conversation regarding Schillinger’s place in music history. Whether it was the existence of Berklee College or  Porgy and Bess or a whole school of Film Scorers.

In Schillinger’s short 47 years on this earth he had managed to give music a new look from a different angle. It allowed us to see music as a logical system. It is a true method where a quarter note in 3/4 time is just a name of a note it has no mathematical value. I think for me as a student in grammar school it would have been less confusing if we called a quarter note Fred. There are three Fred’s per measure in 3/Fred time. Now I don’t have to try to figure out how a quarter note in 3/4 time isn’t a quarter of anything.

So logic and mathematics are synonymous. It is mentioned over and over again that music is scientific and mathematical but reading traditional music theory no science or math is found.

We thank Schillinger for his contribution all our ah ha moments.

Happy Birthday !


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