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2018 Music Composition Strategies

There are many strategies in musical composition that will give you choices you would not find in traditional music theory. These choices come from the logical choices of possibilities. we will explore a few here. 1. Permutations of notes in a scale B.B. King said

The Composers Manifold-Rhythm

The Schillinger System presents us with every possible choice of every possible element we use in composing. That can be very overwhelming. That is why many Systems can be devised from the Schillinger System. Those Systems are determined by the Manifold of choices that are chosen

The Theory of Melody

The thoughts of having a theory of melody brings much skepticism. The thoughts of engineering music has set off ongoing debates that have lasted decades. The truth is, whether we look at music or in this case a melody with tools to analyze them or

Theory of Melody Continued.

We can say that traditional music theory’s history lesson has given us a blueprint to create melodies and indeed it has but  that theory that we extract from the millions of melodies already written is that of imitation. If we could extract the theories of the

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