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Preserving the Works of Joseph Schillinger

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Try our free lesson The Power of Permutation,  which, offers a look into the Schillinger System.

What is the Schillinger System of Musical Composition?

The Schillinger System is a comprehensive theory of music that is both logical and mathematical. The nucleus of the system teaches procedures to compose music. Unlike traditional musical theory, which chronicles and analyzes the history of music already written the Schillinger System, gives you tools in which to create your own music of any existing style and your own unique styles of the future.


The power of The Schillinger System of Music Composition was lost until it was re-assimilated by the Schillinger Society. The system essentially teaches the student the mathematical and stylistic techniques necessary to compose. The Schillinger System is a group of technical disciplines, which enable the student to compose and arrange any conceivable type of music, with any desirable degree of originality and proficiency. See Joseph Schillinger’s “Mathematical Basis of Music”.

Our current members are learning how Schillinger’s ideas are trail blazing new roads in all genres of music. Joseph Schillinger was one of the first pioneers of electronic music.

This method of composition is based in visualization and graphing, making it a seamless transition into your present Digital Audio Workstation.


What can the Schillinger System do for you?

Discover how to:

  • Overcome Writer’s Block
  • Use the Advantages of Graphic Notation
  • Synchronize Musical Rhythms
  • Take hours off your composition time
  • Improve Performance Using our Exercises




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