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Preserving the Works of Joseph Schillinger

Lou Pine’s CV

Lou Pine, Historian in Residence

Lou Pine is a historian of Joseph Schillinger’s life and work. He received his Bachelor of Music and M.A. from the University of Iowa. His research on Schillinger has spanned over 25 years.

Contact Mr. Pine:  [email protected]

Papers authored and read

February, 2008

“History of Berklee College of Music with Lee Berk,” presented at Berklee College of Music.

Sept. 2000
“Leon Theremin and Joseph Schillinger’s Work in Electronic Music,” presented at The University of Iowa’s Russian Contemporary Music Festival.

April 2000
“The Forgotten Work of Joseph Schillinger,” presented at the International Conference on Russian Music at Goldsmiths College in London, England.

Paper co-authored with Dr. Elena Dubinets

Feb. 2005
“Earle Brown and the Schillinger System of Musical Composition,” read by Dr. Dubinets at the Society of American Music Conference in Eugene, Oregon.

Acknowledgments and citations

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