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Preserving the Works of Joseph Schillinger

Students of Schillinger

Schillinger Students

Students of Joseph Schillinger

Joseph Schillinger taught his system privately in his New York City apartment. This list is by no means complete. We will be adding more students as we become aware of them. Let us know of anyone we may have left out. Please click on the students to view their Wiki. His impressive list of students include:

Edwin Bave Paul Sterrett Joseph Palermo George V. Oliver
Lawrence Berk Richard Benda John Cords Clarence Cox
Jesse Crawford Rosolino DeMaria Lyle Dowling Edwin Gerschefski
David Holguin Howard Kirn Franklyn Marks Ted Royal Dewar
Rudolf Schramm Nathan

Van Cleave

 Tommy Dorsey  George Gershwin
Glenn Miller  Benny Goodman  Leith Stevens  Lyn Murray
 Myron Schaffer Belle Fenstock Rosa Rio  James McInerney
Carmine Coppola  Jesse Crawford  Veron Duke  Jerome Gross
 Paul Lavalle  Robert Emmett Dolan  Lennie Hayton



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